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Its hub known as HMS Core serves as a toolkit for app development on Huawei devices. HMS is typically installed on Huawei devices running the HarmonyOS operating system, and on its earlier devices running the Android operating system including devices already distributed with Google Mobile Services.
Please note that HMS Core is one of the pre-installed basic function apps and cannot be uninstalled. HMS Core provides infrastructure services, including HUAWEI ID, in-app purchases, and Notification. It is recommended that you keep HMS Core up to date, for a smooth user experience.
You can be rest assured about downloading HMS Core from HUAWEI AppGallery as it has passed the security check.
HMS Core, based on Huawei devices and the Android platform, is a mobile service framework that opens up a variety of service capabilities to app developers.
HMS Core provides basic services for your Huawei device, such as HUAWEI ID and payments. Simply log in to your HUAWEI ID on any device that has installed HMS Core to access services provided by Huawei, including AppGallery, Cloud, Health and more.

How to Update HMS Core on HUAWEI - Huawei Mobile Services

How to update Huawei mobile services? How to install the new update for HMS Core on a HUAWEI phone? How to keep the apps...

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