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Access MSConfig Through Run Dialog. Step 1: Press “Windows + R” keys simultaneously to call out Run dialog. Step 2: Type “msconfig” in the Run box and then press Enter key to open System Configuration.
Msconfig is a tool that allows you to manage the startup and system settings of your Windows computer. With msconfig, you can control which programs and services launch when you start your computer, troubleshoot startup problems, and make changes to the system configuration.
How to open MSConfig in Windows 10
  1. On the Search bar on the taskbar, enter system configuration.
  2. Select System Configuration from the list of results.
The Run window offers one of the fastest ways to open the System Configuration tool. Simultaneously press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard to launch it, type msconfig, and then press Enter or click/tap on OK.
Type msconfig in the search box, and select System Configuration from the list of results. On the General tab, select Normal Startup. Select the Services tab, clear the check box beside Hide all Microsoft services, select Enable all, then select Apply.

Speed Up Windows 10 with MSCONFIG

Speed up your Windows 10 PC or Laptop using Microsofts System Configuration tool (also known as msconfig.exe, a classic)!...

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