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Купить Видеорегистратор 70mai Dash Cam Lite (MidriveD08) в каталоге  интернет магазина М.Видео по выгодной цене с доставкой, отзывы, фотографии  - Москва

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24H Smart Parking Surveillance. The built-in G-sensor detects sudden shakes or collisions while your car is off, and starts recording to capture any potential incidents. If an emergency video is captured, you'll get a voice alert once the M300 is powered back on.
The Omni has features that not only keep you and your car safe but actually add to your driving experience. Like any dash cam, the camera is the most important feature, but the Omni's motorized wide-angle camera immediately catches your attention as it captures a 360-degree view.
The 70mai Dash Cam 1S has a microphone, so you can add a voice narrative to your clips. If, however, you wish to record without the sound, you can switch off the microphone in the device settings. The microphone will also let you activate the functions you need by means of voice commands.
24H Smart Parking Surveillance. If an emergency video is recorded, the dash cam will notify you through voice alert once it's turned back on. *The 70mai hardwire kit is required for parking surveillance mode, and is sold separately.
It's possible for a driver to become distracted by the dash cam. These cameras are typically mounted on the dashboard or the windscreen. The driver's gaze is primarily fixed on the camera, and because of their size, these can create a blind spot when driving.

70mai Dash Cam M300: отличный видеорегистратор в 2024 году

В этом видео мы с вами посмотрим на интересный видеорегитсратор для автомобиля - 70mai Dash Cam M300....

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