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XCOM®: Enemy Within is the standalone expansion to the 2012 Game of the Year award-winning strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Enemy Within adds an incredible array of new abilities, upgrades and weapons to combat new enemy and alien threats.
If you pick Unknown that will be the base game without the expansion. If you pick Within it will also include the added features of the Enemy Within expansion. Personally, I'd say there isn't much reason NOT to play the Within version.
The expansion pack builds on the gameplay of the base game, but it requires that you already have the base game ( XCOM: Enemy Unknown) installed on your console in order to play.
Long War is a mod designed for XCOM: Enemy Unknown with the expansion XCOM: Enemy Within that introduces more than 700 changes, large and small, to the vanilla version of the game. It is longer and, with default settings, harder than the vanilla version but gives you many more tools to combat the alien threat.
It's best to play Enemy Unknown (EU) before attempting XCOM 2. Not only will EU introduce you to the game mechanics, the characters in XCOM 2 refer to the previous storyline, so it's best to be familiar with it. Furthermore, I would recommend that you beat the base EU game before attempting Enemy Within (EW).

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