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Error 422 is an HTTP code that tells you that the server can't process your request, although it understands it. The full name of the error code is 422 “unprocessable entity.” In a nutshell, the error means that you're making a request the server understands, but it can't process it.
Many of you may assume mistakenly that Minecraft error 422 is an error code but actually it is not. It is a game version of Minecraft and it is safe to download & install. Before developers are about to launch a new game version, they put it through a beta testing version which is known as a snapshot.
Error 422 just means that it got the message and is able to process it, but was unable to process the info given. It's not even a virus, since this is literally an HTTP Status Code.
Minecraft error 422 isn't an error code but a game version supposedly created by accident due to coding issues. Some sources claim it was released in 2011 but swiftly taken down from the official website and never mentioned again by the developers.

Error 422 Remastered - Оригинал оказался ЛУЧШЕ!

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