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Samsung Galaxy S23+. The bigger battery and screen, faster charging, and high storage are all solid reasons to choose the Galaxy S23+ over its smaller brother; however, at $1,000, it doesn't offer any difference in performance over the standard S23.
Still a great phone today. Even though we're expecting the S24 to drop in early 2024, the Galaxy S23 is still a great buy if you want a small, but powerful Android phone that will last you a few years. It's especially good if you want something that gives you some good bang for your buck.
But if you're looking to move into the flagship category for the first time and stick with it for a few years, we recommend going with the S23+ due to its better efficiency and the extra year of Android updates.
*Measured diagonally, Galaxy S23's screen size is 6.1 in the full rectangle and 5.9 with accounting for the rounded corners, Galaxy S23+'s screen size is 6.6 in the full rectangle and 6.4 with accounting for the rounded corners and Galaxy S23 Ultra's screen size is 6.8 in the full rectangle and 6.8 with ...
The S23 Ultra offers more than the S23 and S23 Plus. The S23 Ultra has a sharper screen, better cameras, and a larger battery. There's little difference between the S23 and the S23 Plus. The S23 Plus has a larger screen and a longer battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S23+ Review: Completely Underrated!

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