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Which PC monitor is best for office use (no video or gaming), VA or IPS? For office use (no video or gaming), the best PC monitor is an IPS monitor. IPS monitors offer the best viewing angles and color accuracy, which is important for office work such as reading text, editing documents, and creating presentations.
Conclusion : Choosing between IPS and VA. If you want the best contrast available, a VA screen would be the perfect fit. Movies and still imaging display great overall picture quality. If you want fast response times, then IPS would be the better choice. IPS is the undisputed king for most gamers.
IPS panels are better for creative work due to consistent color and saturation, while VA monitors have a great contrast ratio but may cause glare with their curved design. IPS monitors are better for gaming due to their higher refresh rates and faster response times compared to VA monitors.
IPS monitors aren't able to block the backlight enough to produce decent blacks, and suffer from mediocre contrast ratios of around 1000:1. Quality VA panels perform much better in this department, becoming an ideal option for gaming as well as watching movies. TN panels generally perform the worst here.
Black smearing on VA panels, on account of their slow response times, can make things messy when playing fast-paced games at high frame rates. With the fastest refresh rates available today, response times right up there with TN panels, and vivid colours, IPS panels are great all-rounders for gaming.

IPS vs VA – Which Is the Better Panel Tech?

Which is the best panel technology for gaming, creatives or movie consumption? Were gonna compare IPS and VA side by side...

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