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The game is currently not available to buy and download from either console or PC marketplaces, unless the user already bought the game.
As of 2020, the multiplayer servers for Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2, like other games published by Activision, have been shut down.
Essentially, the franchise is a Diablo-style action role-playing game, only instead of fighting demonic hordes you're battling the minions of Ultron and Doc Ock.
The Marvel Ultimate Alliance games, action RPGs featuring huge casts of Marvel characters, have been delisted from digital distribution services suddenly and without warning from publisher Activision.
Is Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 the most Un-Nintendo thing Nintendo has produced yet? They didn't “produce” it. They only funded Team Ninja to produce the game, while they become the publisher of the game, and retain exclusivity of the game to be made available only on Nintendo Switch.

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