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Battle Brothers knows what it is and doesn't try to be more than it should be, and that makes it so much better than other titles that strive for an epic or storied feel. What's accomplished here is a solid, honest package of thrills and strategic depth, though not oppressively so.
Endings. In the first three endings, the company is destroyed and in the last two endings, the company carries on after the captain has left.
Battle Brothers can be thought of as a turn based simulator of medieval/light fantasy battles. As with many turn based strategy games, it can be split into 2 parts: 'turn based' combat or tactical part on a hex tiled battlefield. 'real time with pause' management or strategy part on the overland map and settlements.
Main Story1129h
Main + Extras1056h
Completionist262h 30m
All PlayStyles2345h
The learning curve in Battle Brothers may be too much for some players to handle, to which the solution is to play on Beginner difficulty at first. Others, however, may want to dive right in and try out higher difficulties from the get-go. This will be a bit of a struggle, but it will end up being worth it in the end.

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