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Part of what could be called the GTA clone action sub-genre, Sleeping Dogs shares many traits of Grand Theft Auto games: It takes place in an open world with a variety of driving and combat missions, puts the player in the shoes of a criminal with good intentions, and features a story full of loyalty as well as ...
It was compared to a wide variety of games from the Grand Theft Auto franchise to Batman: Arkham City. A sequel was actually planned in 2013 but was later shelved due to disappointing sales. Over 10 years on though, fans still want to see it made.
Actually, compared to most other open-world games with fictional environments, Sleeping Dogs easily wins because of how alive and bustling its open world is and how relatable its cultures are within its digital locale.
It was released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Windows. Set in contemporary Hong Kong, the story follows martial artist and undercover police officer Wei Shen who infiltrates the Sun On Yee Triad organization.
I played GTA 4 and all of the DLC and Sleeping Dogs surpasses it in every aspect except it has no multiplayer. You can load up GTA 4 and go on a killing rampage and that is essentially 90% of the gameplay in the game. Sleeping dogs has so much variety in gameplay, you never feel like you are doing something repetitive.

Sleeping Dogs - ПЛОХАЯ ИГРА?

Sleeping Dogs мы не забываем. Моя группа в ВК, смело подписывайся - Мой инстаграм...

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Sleeping Dogs — мертвец пришел с триумфом. Рецензия / Игры

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