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FreeCAD is free and open-source, under the LGPL-2.0-or-later license, and available for Linux, macOS, and Windows operating systems.
FreeCAD offers tools to produce, export and edit solid, full-precision models, export them for 3D printing or CNC machining, create 2D drawings and views of your models, perform analyses such as Finite Element Analyses, or export model data such as quantities or bills of materials.
The FreeCAD source code is public and can be inspected, so it is possible to verify that it doesn't do things without your knowledge such as sending your private data somewhere.
Our cadmium-free colours hold the AP seal and are completely safe to use. They are certified in a toxicological evaluation by a medical expert to contain no materials in sufficient quantities to be toxic or injurious to humans, including children, or to cause acute or chronic health problems.
Both FreeCAD and LibreCAD are great software options in their own right. However, there's a clear distinction on what to choose: if you're interested in 3D modeling, FreeCAD is the right option, and for 2D modeling, LibreCAD is the way to go.

Free CAD Academy

Everyone should have access to a solid CAD education. Learn Computer Aided Design (CAD) for free on this YouTube channel....

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