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What is the highest suction power of V9? The max suction power of V9 is 120AW with a vacuum degree of 20Kpa.
Aim for a range of about 100 to 200 AW for upright/canister vacuums. For robotic vacuums, suction power between 500 to 2000 Pa is typically adequate. - For High-Pile Carpets: If you have thick, high-pile carpets or numerous rugs, you'll benefit from a super vacuum cleaner with higher suction.
The higher the air pressure, the greater the suction power. The air pressure generated by household vacuums typically ranges from around 20,000 Pa to 30,000 Pa, although some high-end models can exceed this range.
The suction power of 12500pa~20000pa can suck heavy things such as paper towels and grains, and usually sucks farther. Since the gap may roll into the grain, this suction force will be used in the gap suction head. The good vacuum suction power of 21000pa can suck in something as heavy as ceramic shards.
The maximum suction power (25,000 Pa) is used for cleaning large particles and removing stubborn dirt. The minimum suction power (12,000 Pa) is engineered for routine cleaning and removing small particles.

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