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The game takes place after the true ending in Library of Ruina. It follows 12 Sinners that are based on literary classics, as well as characters from Project Moon's manga/novel series Leviathan. The gameplay is simple, having you make action combos with a chain and then watching it play out.
Limbus Company is an indie horror role-playing video game for Microsoft Windows and mobile devices using iOS or Android, developed and published by South Korean studio Project Moon. It was released worldwide on February 26, 2023.
Lobotomy Corporation was followed by Library of Ruina, turn-based deck building rpg released on 10th August 2021 after months of early access period. Limbus Company is NOT a direct sequel to PM's previous games, however it takes place in the same universe.
The Limbus Company Bus Department, or LCB, consists of thirteen employees designated as Sinners. Their name is derived from their mode of transportation, the special bus, Mephistopheles.
Limbus Company. All of this is done with a deep turn-based gameplay loop that involves a careful selection of attacks and skills to clear maps as fast as possible. Gacha-wise, not only is all Limbus Company content free, but paid content is generally used for collection purposes only.

How it feels to use these statuses | Limbus Company

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