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The Galaxy Tab A7 was announced on September 2, 2020 and released shortly after on September 11, 2020.
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 tablet was launched on 28th September 2020. The tablet comes with a 10.40-inch touchscreen display offering a resolution of 2000x1200 pixels. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 is powered by an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 662 processor.
Both tablets also feature the same cameras, speakers and 7,040 mAh lithium-ion battery. Because the A8 is the more recent tablet, it has a newer CPU and GPU that offers slightly better performance. It also has more options for RAM and internal storage. Still, the differences here are modest.
The honest straightforward answer is No. Samsung Galaxy A7 tablet does not have support the S Pen feature. The S Pen is an accessory feature that is distinctive to the Samsung Galaxy Note lineup and surely is not compatible with any other devices available in the market in that category.
13 hours and 13 minutes. Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 review: Battery life. The Galaxy Tab A7 packs a ton of battery life. It lasted 13 hours and 13 minutes (which almost feels unlucky, to type out) on the Tom's Guide battery test (web surfing over Wi-Fi at 150 nits of brightness).

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