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NEXT STEPS Warranty and Service Packages The Jetour Dashing is reliable and backed with 10 Years /1 Million KM warranty, so you can drive with confidence as our dedicated Jetour Service Centre at Elite Motor Services ensures that your Jetour Dashing always stays healthy.
Jetour is part of a globalized automobile group based in China with over 23 years of formidable experience in automotive engineering.
The Traveler is priced very competitively from 140,900 to 180,900 yuan (18,200-23,300€ or US$19,500-25,000). It will face the likes of the Haval Big Dog II (135,800-156,800 yuan), Tank 300 (198,800-302,800 yuan) and the Chery Tansuo 06 (116,900-139,900 yuan).
When it was introduced globally, the Jetour Dashing came available in two variants, namely a conventional petrol and PHEV plug-in hybrid versions.
Powered with a 1.5L turbocharged engine, the Jetour X70 FL. It has a 6-speed dual-clutch transmission and 156 HP is guaranteed. Less fuel is consumed, as well as greater mileage and performance, by this SUV car. The Jetour X70 FL also features a wheelbase that is remarkable at 2745mm.

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