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The Glorious Bullshit of “Reservoir Dogs,” Twenty-Five Years Later | The  New Yorker

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It is loosely based on Stanley Kubrick's 1956 The Killing, but that film unfolds like a blueprint—a cool, precise analysis of a robbery. In perverse contrast, Tarantino skips the crime itself. His point isn't the heist but the players: the film is an anatomy less of a crime than of men choosing lives of violence.
In the end Reservoir Dogs is a great film that deserves to be watched by everyone, as it is a true lesson in how to make a truly original film. If this movie isn't proof we need a live action among us movie, I don't know what is.
The criminal themes and violence (most notably the torture sequence) in Reservoir Dogs had therefore to be revisited in the light of potentially harmful effects – particularly to younger viewers – in the home viewing environment.
The closest thing Tarantino's ever given resembling an explanation is that the title popped into his head when he visited a production company. The company was full of unmade scripts and they were jokingly described as 'reservoir dogs' – as in, dogs trapped in a reservoir tank and fighting for attention.
Pink was wounded he did survive Reservoir Dogs, but is left to take the blame for the robbery as the sole survivor. Given that he admitted to killing a couple of police officers during his escape earlier in the movie, he's probably looking at a steep sentence too.

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