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Видеорегистратор Xiaomi 70Mai A500S Dash Cam Pro Plus, 2592x1944 30 к/с, 2  480x360, 874477 купить по цене 8550 руб в Барнауле в интернет-магазине e2e4

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The video is recorded at a resolution of 2592×1944 2.7K. The device includes an NT96580 processor and a Sony IMX335 sensor. The camera's compact dimensions mean it can be mounted discretely, without obstructing the driver's field of view.
The 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus+ is also able to perform 24-Hour Parking Surveillance. It can keep monitoring when you are away. It can start recording when a collision is detected. It can also record time-lapse, up to 45 hours on a 16G SD card.
The Dash Cam Pro is equipped with the camera sensor of Sony IMX335, whereas the Dash Cam Lite has a built-in Sony IMX 307 camera sensor, also regarded as one of the members of Sony Starvis technology. This camera sensor gives the Dash Cam Lite the ability to record both day and night in color.
24H Smart Parking Surveillance. The built-in G-sensor detects sudden shakes or collisions while your car is off, and starts recording to capture any potential incidents. If an emergency video is captured, you'll get a voice alert once the M300 is powered back on.
24H Smart Parking Surveillance. If an emergency video is recorded, the dash cam will notify you through voice alert once it's turned back on. *The 70mai hardwire kit is required for parking surveillance mode, and is sold separately.

Новинка 2021! Xiaomi 70mai Dash Cam Pro Plus A500S-1 видеорегистратор. Стал лучше или хуже?

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