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Introduction. Playing the Last Day on Earth: Survival on PC is possible through an emulator. This can allow players who have difficulties running the app, to play it for free on their PCs. Also this is a way to loot lower levels of the Bunker Alfa if your phone or tablet doesn't meet the requirements of the app.
Last Day on Earth | Kefir. You are to dive into the gloomy world of a zombie apocalypse that's on the verge of destruction. A global disaster has changed the planet forever. Life has almost disappeared while crowds of the living dead came to replace it destroying the civilization.
So far, LDOE has garnered a whopping 83-million downloads, a million daily active users (DAU), and so far, over $125M in gross revenue.
In order to remove your current progress and start over on Android:
  1. Tap on Disconnect (the left one of the two buttons) to disconnect your Google Play account.
  2. Delete data in Settings – Apps – LDoE.
  3. Restart the app and connect it to Google Play for your progress to be automatically saved.
Good news - players from different servers can play with each other in the Crater! Also news, but a little bit worse - you won't be able to ... How do I contact my friends? To be able to chat with other survivors, you'll have to complete a quest for getting a second character that will appear after level 100.

Tai Verdes - last day on earth (Official Video)

Starring Tai Verdes, Ramsey Harb, Trae Gilley, E Glen Starks, Jose Rosete, Sequoia Neff, Lavelle, 10x, Adelina Whaley, Maple...

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Youtube - @Tai Verdes
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