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Let's start with the obvious: Rebirth is the second chapter of a story. Square Enix's plan is to take the original 1997 version of Final Fantasy VII and expand it into a trilogy of modern games. That started with the aptly named Final Fantasy VII Remake in 2020, which told the beginning of the story.
Rebirth's fresh twists are an absolute delight, but its formulaic open world design hampers its momentum. That's not to say the open world is bad. It makes narrative sense after the party leaves the claustrophobic confines of Midgar.
Square Enix's Naoki Hamaguchi has dropped a hint about the release date window for Final Fantasy 7 remake's part 3. The third installment, which has yet to be titled, might be out by early 2028 as it seems to be following the same trajectory as FF7: Rebirth.
The same interview notes that a playthrough with a “good amount” of side content would take around 60 hours, and completionists could see more than 100 hours. The world of Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is huge, but we have your back if you need help.
Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth culminates in a cliffhanger ending, leaving plenty open for the next installment to explore. As the second installment in a three-part series, it's somewhat obligated to: there's a lot yet to come for the FF7 remake project. Still, FF7 Rebirth's final moments aren't unsatisfying.


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