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Steep tariffs over geopolitical concerns keep them largely out of the U.S. market for now, but it's increasingly clear that many Chinese brands are making moves to sell cars here eventually. I drove some of Zeekr's cars late last year at an event in New York and came away largely impressed.
Acceleration 0 - 100 km/h3.8 sec
Top Speed200 km/h
Electric Range *500 km
ZEEKR 001 FR's e-powertrain system supports ultra-fast charging with ZEEKR's in-house 800V technologies, as such the ZEEKR 001 FR is able to charge 10 to 80% in just 15 minutes.
about $29,390. Zeekr aims to make the Zeekr 007, which comes standard with an 800 V electrical system and has a starting price of about $29,390, the benchmark in its segment.
It's not exactly clear if the 001 will ever come to the USA. Zeekr says officially it has no plans to sell consumer cars here (though their responses to that question have been sometimes mixed), but if it did try, the 001 would be a hell of an entry.


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