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A wireless repeater is a device that receives a wireless signal and transmits it to extend the signal over longer distances. This can be a very useful tool for homes that are quite large, office spaces, or outdoor areas that need to have extended wireless coverage.
A WiFi extender is similar to a WiFi repeater. However, they work very differently, and WiFi extenders typically offer faster speeds than a repeater. While repeaters simply rebroadcast your wireless Internet, a WiFi extender uses a wired connection with your router to create an entirely new network.
Due to these reasons, people often ask, “Do WiFi extenders work through walls?” Well, the answer is yes, they do. Extenders that also go by the names of repeaters and boosters are quite effective in extending a WiFi network's range.
Drawbacks of WiFi Extenders. This is because they often use the same frequency as other devices, such as microwaves and baby monitors. WiFi extenders are not always reliable and can often slow down your internet connection.

DONT Buy A Wi-Fi Range Extender!

If youre not getting a good Wi-Fi signal, you might be tempted to buy a range extender or repeater - but is almost certainly a bad...

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